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Homebrew Projects

Back-packable Antennas for HF

Interested in backpacking or some other weekend ham hobby? 
Click on the link below to see more pictures and more ideas of
how you can take ham radio with you, and other backyard projects. 
Thanks to Dan Yang K6DPY for these pictures and projects!

  Backpack-able antennas for HF  
      End Fed Half Wave Vertical Antenna
Magnetic Loop Antenna


Thanks to club member NG6R, Jerry Kendrick, who gave me the 200pf variable capacitor, I was able to put together this magnetic loop antenna. Used some scrap RG-6 cable-TV coax that was lying around -- used it for both the small and large loops. (Coax shield is aluminum so no soldering.) Bought a $3 hula hoop from Sports Chalet. Found a suitable plastic electrical box from Home Depot. A knob from Radio Shack, 3/4 inch PVC and scrap plastic, etc. How it all came together is in the pictures. The big pointer on the knob allows me to tune the variable capacitor while keeping my capacitive hand sufficiently away from it.

I was pleasantly surprised how tolerant this design is to dimensions and materials. I was concerned RG-6 coax would not be thick enough. Turns out 1/4 inch diameter RG-6 gives me 70kHz bandwidth on 20 meters (from SWR 2.0 to 2.0). I've read articles on larger diameter material use that provided less bandwidth. This antenna tunes from 7.94MHz to 19.84MHz at SWR 2.0 or less. Large loop: 91". Small loop: 22". Covers 17m, 20m, and 30m bands.

If you're going to build one, be sure to visit: http://www.66pacific.com/calculators/small_tx_loop_calc.aspx

Dan Yang, K6DPY


Homebrew Projects You Can Build

Build it Yourself Projects

Need an antenna design project? 
Check out these projects below from our antenna expert Bill Harper WA6ESC.


Click on any image for a larger view.
VHF & UHF Ground Planes
Double Extended Zepp's
VHF & UHF Fox Hunters
The 2 Meter Phased Array
450 Corner Reflector
3 Element, 2 Meter Yagi
450 Yagi 6
450 MHz J-Beam
20-40-80-160M Dipole
Wide Band RF Field Strength Meter
450 Twin 6
445 MHz Broadside Array
450 MHz Yagi 12
2 Meter Quad
450 MHz Yagi 8
HamStick Dipole
40 / 80 Meter Dipole
10/20/40 Meter Tri-Band Dipole
223 MHz J-Beam
15M or 17M Dbl. Ext. Zepp
Medium Wave RDF Loop
Constructing a 4:1 Coaxial Balun
Small Lot Dipole Designs
Lighthouse Quad Band #2 40 Meter Short Dipole     
Revised Lighthouse Quad-Band Special  Loaded 40 Meter Short Dipole     

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