How PVAN Works
After a disaster or major catastrophe strikes the area, volunteers with Neighborhood Watch and PVPCERT (Community Emergency Response Team) will check their homes and families first, and then survey other residents in the neighborhood to gather critical information. Click Here for typical emergency response time line.

The local PVAN Amateur Radio Operator will then relay the neighborhood’s status and other critical information to the City’s Emergency Operations Center or other local PVAN operators, as necessary. Incident Form (Click Here)

What type of information will PVAN handle?

· Conditions within the neighborhood
· Critical needs
· Deployment of local resources
· Identification of at-risk people
· Official communications from the City


Weekly nets or check-ins with the City’s Disaster Communications Center at City Hall are held every Monday night starting at 7:00 PM. In addition, training exercises are held periodically so that all members are familiar with current radio operating procedures and policies.

PVAN Operational Manual Click Here

Orientation training briefing Click Here