The RPV Emergency Communications Center

In 2004 a citizen’s Emergency Preparedness Committee was established by the Rancho Palos Verdes City Council. The charter of the committee is to advice and assist the City Council and staff to ensure that the City of Rancho Palos Verdes develops and maintains a high state of readiness to respond to a wide variety of emergencies and disasters.

Late in that year a presentation was made on the need for expanding the disaster communications at the neighborhood level and the upgrading of the present Disaster Communications Center which at the time was housed in a small utility and air conditioning room located in the Channel 33 studio at the City Hall complex.

Based upon that recommendation, a facility plan was presented to the City Council and approved in December of 2004. The plan called for a new ten foot by 28 foot modular office with a 50 foot tower (now approved for a 112 foot tower and antenna) to be located in back of the present Channel 33 building. The facility would have HF, UHF and VHF as well as emergency back up power capability.

Completed Station
Completed Facility
Herb Stark
Jim West and Dale Hanks
A Typical Station
The Completed Facility
Station in Operation
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Delivering the Facility
The modular office was delivered soon after the completion of the grading early in 2006. Once the office was in place, the trenching for utilities was completed and the handicap ramp built.
Delivered on site
Damage in transport
On Site
Ready to put on site
Painting Ramp
Final coat of paint
Completed installation
Dale Hanks
Communications Center
Working the Concrete
Pouring the concrete pathway to the handicap ramp
Gina Park, Assistant to the City Manager, City Manager's Office and Dale Hanks RPV City Radio Officer discuss plans of the completion of the Communications Center.
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Tower installation
The Tower installed
Tower power winch
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Starting to dig
Filling the truck
Going down 9.5 feet
Digging the hole for the foundation
The team
And more digging
The final hole
Ready for the steel
Dale and City Inspector
Setting the Steel cage in place
Final adjustments
Completed assembly
Ready for the concrete
Bringing in the concret
Getting ready to pour
Pouring the concrete
The completed foundation
It took between 13 and 14 yards of concrete
Installing the ground plane
Dale Hanks
Ready for the tower
Ready for installation
Ground plane installation
Wetting down the foundation
Completed antenna foundation
Delivered tower
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Attaching the base plate
Dale attaching an antenna
Fully extended
The tower
Installing the first of three antennas
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Wiring the Facility
Operating Station
Temporary operating station
Internal Wiring
Internal wall wiring
Overhead Cables
Antenna cables
Starting the wiring of the facility
Dale Hanks
Rick Murry
Rick Murry
Herb Stark
Dale  and Rick stringing the antenna cable
Rick attaching a connector
Herb mounting a wall plate
Marty Dodell
Rick Murry
Dale Hanks
Dale Hanks
Marty and Rick running the final antenna cables
Dale under the floor running DC power cables
Herb Stark
Herb Stark
Marty Dodell
Rick Murry
Herb mounting the antenna wall plates
Marty running HF cables
Rick running the HF cable
Jon Appleby
Jon Appleby
Glen Eggleston
Glen and Dale
Jon preparing cables
Glen and Dale working on cable terminations
Joe Locascio
Joe Locascio
Dale Hanks
Herb Stark
Joe soldering connectors on cables
Herb and Dale connecting up the power bus
Power Bus
DC & Antenna Panels
Power Bus under the floor
Typical station DC power and antenna panels
Painting the Interior
Painting Team
Painting Team
Alan Masking
Alan Solderberg
Marty Dodell
Herb Stark
Les Chapin
Final Coat
The final coat
Denzel Dyer
Les Chapin
Alan Solderberg
Assembling the Furniture
The Team
The Team
Diana Feinberg Diana Feinberg
Rick Murry
Rick Murry
Ken Getzen
Ken Getzin
Alan Solderberg
Alan Soldberg
Marty Dodell
Marty Dodell
Dale Hanks
Dale Hanks
Assembled Furniture
Rick Murry and Jon Allieby
Jon Allieby and Rick Murry
Installing the Final Panels
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Monday night training nets are being conducted from the new facility.
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