Peninsula Volunteer Alert Network (PVAN)
The Peninsula Volunteer Alert Network is a volunteer organization that provides emergency communications at the neighborhood level immediately following a disaster or major emergency when telephones and power are not working. PVAN volunteers use their own two-way ham radios to relay critical information to and from the City’s Emergency Communications Center which will then report the information to the Emergency Operation Center (EOC) of the City.

The goal of the program is to have at least one volunteer Amateur Radio operator in each neighborhood, so that no neighborhood is without an alternate means of communicating outside their immediate neighborhood.

Do you have the desire to help your community during a disaster?
Are you interested in learning more about ham radio communications?

Now is the time to join PVAN. To become a volunteer amateur radio operator, you need to be at least 18 years old, have a valid Amateur Radio License, have access to an appropriate Amateur Radio Transceiver and complete a two-hour training seminar by Palos Verdes Amateur Radio Club.

If you have no radio experience or knowledge or license, you are encouraged to take advantage of the amateur radio classes offered at little or no cost.

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