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ARRL Library Video Series

The Palos Verdes Amateur Radio Club has the following ARRL Video Library tapes. They are for loan to any member of the club. Please contact Ginger Clark - KG6TAU at 378-7894 to check out a tape. Volumes and titles are below:

Volume 1: Recruitment

New World of Amateur Radio
HAM radio in space
Your Headquarters at work
ARRL Public Service Announcements
Courage in the North, Handi-HAM Radio Camp
Sharing Amateur Radio with Handi-HAMS

Volume 2: Shuttle Amateur Radio Experiment (SAREX)

HAM Radio in Space
SAREX Space Shuttle Mission STS-51F
SAREX Space Shuttle Mission STS-58

Volume 3: Disaster Preparedness / Public Service

When Disaster Strikes
At Any Moment
Field Day Fever
Disaster Drill: The Big One
Last Voice from Kuwait

Volume 4: Operating Modes & Interests What are those crazy sounding signals saying?

This is Amateur Television!
Packet Radio
AMSAT Phase 3D

Volume 5: Educational

Everything you always wanted to know about antenna…
But were afraid to ask
Spark Gap

Volume 6: Dxpeditions

VP8SSI: the south Sandwich Saga
Journey to Peter Island: Close to the edge

Volume 7: More Dxpeditions

Fastnet Force Seven
The AHIA Saga: Howland Island Dxpedition

Volume 8: Contesting

Winning in the hill
All China amateur direction finding competition

Volume 9: Amateur Radio history

1935 tour of ARRL HQ
The trans-Atlantic tests and station 1 BCG
An American Inventor – Maj. Edwin Howard Armstrong

Volume 10: Club & Personnel HAM Radio applications

9N1MM Marshall Moran tribute dinner
Amateur Radio in elementary school
FAIRS in the former Soviet Union
Genessee County (MI) RC-60th Anniversary

Volume 12: Amateur Radio Far Away

Phase 3D Integration Lab
JASIB/Fuji 2
SANDIA Robotics
SAREX at Center Street School