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Islands On The Air DXpedition
Santa Catalina Island NA-066
February 23-27, 2011


Ray Day N6HE, Bob Sylvest AB6SY, Saraj Cory KU6F,
Bill Leighton KG6WVF, Diana Feinberg AI6DF, Jeff Wolf K6JW,
and Clay Davis AB9A (not pictured)

ImagesView PVARC 2011 IOTA Pictures

Videos View PVARC 2011 IOTA Videos (uploaded to YouTube)

View PVARC Presentation by Ray Day (3MB PDF without videos)

View PVARC Presentation by Ray Day
33MB PowerPoint Slide Show with embedded video links

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Pictures and Videos by:

Saraj Cory KU6F
Diana Feinberg AI6DF
Jeff Wolf K6JW


Two Harbors Catalina Island

Our sincerest thanks to the staff of Two Harbors Guest Services for all the hospitality extended to us during our event.