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International Lighthouse & Lightship Weekend
August 20 - 22 2010
Point Vicente Lighthouse US-0033 

Point Vicente Lighthouse Weekend 

Lighthouse & Picnic pictures by
Curtis Watanabe KI6KUK, Joe Pace NZ6L,
Bob Closson W6HIP, and Matt Orlich WA6AJC 

Click here to see the Photo Gallery.

Special thanks to
Gordon West WB6NOA and Tom Budar K6RPV
of the United States Coast Guard Auxiliary
for their participation.

Click here to see Photos from Tom Budar.

A sincere thank you to our hosts, the United States Coast Guard
Thank You for your hospitality, and
Thank You for your service to the nation.

Point Vicente Lighthouse

The Amateur Radio Lighthouse Society

The International Lighthouse & Lightship Weekend